'Kite Stories'

Size: 40″ x 40″ (100 x 100 cms)
Acrylic painting on Canvas

Kites and childhood are inseparable memories. Who doesn’t remember waiting for a windy day and running across a field, kite in hand, ready to toss it up into the breeze at just the right moment?

And then after it took flight, squinting up at the sky as the sun shone in our eyes, our hands feeling the gentle tug of the string as that colorful kite danced in the air?  ‘Kite Stories’ evoke these memories & more.. Have we not wondered about those kites who are cut loose from their strings..? Do they wander lonely like the clouds? Float high over trees and hills, fluttering and dancing in the breeze. Do we not wish to be that kite..?


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This work is from my ‘SHE’ series, a series of surrealistic and dream-like paintings. This series evolved from a sketch of a female figure that has taken centre stage. The female figure is a visual interpretation of us – exploring and questioning the world around and within her – relationships with their inevitable frailties, daydreams, fantasies and emotions.

Color is an integral part of my repertoire. Colours, form and texture draws the viewer to look beyond the apparent.

The vivid color palette, textures and forms unveils the many layers in the artwork and lets the viewer connects with the artwork and relate to it through their own experience.


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Buying my Artworks.. FAQs

Can size be customized?

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