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About me

Studio Monsoon by Sheena Bharathan. Affordable Artworks, Commission works, training in Singapore

I am a visual artist based in Singapore. A childhood fascination to paint grew to a chosen career in art.

After completing my Master’s in Philosophy, in my early years I worked as an educator & child psychologist.

My art career began in 2012 and had the opportunity to train under distinguished artists in Singapore. I have also been formally trained at the respected Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore in Western painting.

I have exhibited in various international art shows in Singapore, India, Malaysia, UAE, Vietnam, Myanmar, Ukraine among others. My works have been displayed at museums in S. Korea, Vietnam & India and are part of private and museum collections.

"I hope that my artworks speak not only for me, but also for the people who view my work"

Artworks & Commissions

'Autumn melody' by Sheena Bharathan. Affordable artworks, commission works, training Singapore
Autumn Melody (80 x 80 cms) Oil on Canvas

It is my endeavor to bring beauty, value & personalized experience to art lovers all over the world.

Whether a seasoned art collector or looking to make your first buy, I am here to help.

Browse my gallery of artworks. If something interests you or have a custom requirement, reach out to me using the contact form and I will assist you.

Enjoy exploring !!

Studio Monsoon - bringing beauty, value & personalised service to art lovers Singapore

Studio Monsoon is conceptualized on my experiences & needs as an artist. My need to convey, need to connect, need to express…

This is my platform to reach these ends. Studio Monsoon is intended to be a medium to create, share and be all things art !!!

I look forward to working with art lovers, corporate clients, home decorators and galleries for artworks and commissions,  promotions, art workshops, fund raising events and social causes.


With my art, I try to capture themes from life around me. These are intended to create a sense of nostalgia and brings forth memories of the little things that one often overlooks in modern times. The works pop with vibrant pigments, enriching and enhancing them.

My paintings are unique, and they are affordable. A growing number of clients collect my work and have a genuine love for what I do. My works are in private collections in the United States, Dubai, Singapore, Australia, India, S.Korea and other places.

And if you’re not in the market to buy why not entertain yourself for a few minutes and browse my collections.

Art for Homes

'Kite Stories' by Sheena Bharathan. Affordable, Affordable, Contemporary, Abstract Artworks & Commissions

Home- a place that consists of everything that you truly care about. Whether you are renovating, re-modelling or have a feature wall that needs something special, a meaningful & memorable artwork would really make a difference.

Buying art from me is simple and pleasurable. I have tried to make this as easy as pain-free as possible. Your order is personally managed and shipped through professional couriers for safe & quick delivery.

Art for Corporates/ Hospitality / Restaurants

Studio Monsoon by Sheena Bharathan. Affordable Artworks, Commission works, Corporate Art Singapore

Every aspect of a Company helps in shaping its identity. An appropriate art collection will effectively communicate company culture and values, enrich employee experiences and impress your clients.  

A large artwork in the lobby creates a lasting first impression on your clients or visitors. Similarly, having vibrant artworks in the meeting rooms, hallways or pantry areas can spark creativity or uplift employees’ moods in the office.

I will closely work you or your art consultants to provide tailored services for all your art related needs and a seamless art acquisition/ commission experience.


Every artwork provided with a digital & physical certificate of authenticity
Every artwork provided with a digital & physical certificate of authenticity
Multiple transaction options through secure payment gateways
Multiple transaction options through secure payment gateways
Global delivery through professional logistic partners
Global delivery through professional logistic partners

Participating Artist


Artworks, Commission works, events, catalogs or anything else, just drop me a line and i would be happy to help..


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